Jason James


Located just north of New York City, Jason is a voice over talent, podcaster, and producer at TTM studios. His voice has been described as professional, believable, and with a natural undertone of conviction and authority. His career began with a podcasting hobby, which grew into Jason choosing to volunteer as a narrator for audiobooks, and voicing corporate training and instruction videos.


Jason's professional background prior to voiceover includes experience as a facilitator and trainer in the transportation industry. He was also a defense contractor where he worked logistics for various branches of the military. Jason brings years of team leadership, public speaking, and a strong determination for project completion to the table. He has a long history of working in a fast paced environment along side powerful and influential team members. As a result, Jason has been described as an individual who takes direction well.



Jason has extensive training in narration and voice over. He has received professional training and attended workshops with some of the most reputable production studios in the NYC area. 



Jason's leadership, drive, and commitment to successful project completion has catapulted him into the voiceover industry. What started years back as a simple hobby of podcasting has lead to a career. A career that allows him the flexibility to still do what he loves. 

The following is just a glimpse into his resume. He has voiced audiobooks, characters on several popular video games, corporate training and instructional videos for exclusive clients. Many of whom are repeat customers. Jason also voices and produces radio imaging and promos as well as webmercials. 

Currently Jason is doing a little bit of it all, but is also having fun continuing his work on his podcast “The Basement Bunker”. 



 After living life a certain way for nearly three decades, he  woke up one day and decided to change the ending of his own story.  Starting over at forty with determination, hard work, and self discipline, he has created a professional, as well as personal life that is truly the "Day" to the "Night" of his past. Jason speaks regularly on the topic of self change and improvement, as he continues his journey of both personal and professional growth in life. Jason's volunteer and support activities include his dedication to organizations that support and assist the men and women in uniform who serve our country. 



When all is calm, Jason enjoys time with his family, his Labradors and three hour rides to breakfast on his Harley.



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